Mibro Watch X1

1.3Inch AMOLED HD Screen

Vivid details and rich colors
A real-life visual experience

Mibro Watch X1

38 Sport Modes Comprise Both Outdoor And Indoor Exercises

Indoor Sports: Yoga, sit-up, rope skipping…burning calories;
Outdoor Sports: Mountain climbing, triathlon, roller skating, rock climbing, skateboarding, parkour… Enjoy sports and challenge yourself.
An exclusive exercise report can be generated to witness every step of your success.

Mibro Watch X1

Long Battery Life Ensure Two-Week Usage On After A Single Charge

Daily Mode: 14 Days
Once fully charged, it can be used by connecting to the mobile phone APP with the following features: 24h dynamic heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, recording of 60-minutes sport exercise on average per week, 100 messages and 6 calls per day(hand up in 5 seconds), checking time by lighting up screen with raising wrist for 60 times, alarm clock for 3 times a day, and other factory default settings.
Basic Mode: 60+ Days
Once fully charged, it is not worn while being powered on, without connecting to the mobile APP.

Mibro Watch X1

5ATM Waterproof-An Easy Life With Challenge-Unlimited Discoveries

No need to take off in shower or swimming, a worry-free wear for you. Product damage caused by water ingress is not covered by the warranty

Mibro Watch X1

It Brings You A Healthy Life With All-Round Protection

24-Hour heart rate monitoring to hear what your heart “says”
Support three early warning modes of exercise, resting and sleep, with timely warning for any potential problem.

Mibro Watch X1

Know Your Health Better With SpO2 Measurement

It keeps protecting your health around the clock.

Mibro Watch X1

All-Round Sleep Monitoring, With Sleep Hours Recorded

It knows how well you sleep.

Mibro Watch X1

Body Pressure Monitoring To Help You Relax

Breathing, relaxing and deep breathing, all stress is gone.

*The measurements are not intended for medical use, including self-diagnosis of consultation with a doctor, and are designed only for general fitness and wellness purposes.

Mibro Watch X1

Life Management Makes Your Life Easier, Life Has Never Been So Easy

Timely reminder of Wechat, SMS, incoming call, weather, alarm clock and other App information prevents you from missing anything important.

Mibro Watch X1

Customize Your Own Watch Face And Make A Difference Every Day

It satisfies diversified tastes and shows your special personality.

Mibro Watch X1

Mibro Fit-It Keeps Your Well-Informed Of Your Health

It is perfectly matched with “Mibro Fit” App to record all your body data in real time.

*Some features require connection to the “Mibro Fit” APP

Mibro Watch X1

A Wide Range Of User-Friendly Features Cover All Your Needs

Mibro Watch X1Mibro Watch X1Mibro Watch X1