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  • INMO Air2 AR GlassesINMO Air2 AR GlassesINMO Air2 AR Glasses
    • All-In-One AR Glasses - ChatGPT AI Assistant, 10 Languages Speech Recognize & Real Time Translation, Teleprompter, Watching Movies, Taking Photo/Video, Make Phone Calls. It can be cool sunglasses with included clip-on sunglasses.
    • ChatGPT AI Assistant - INMO AIR 2 GPT App is integrated with Open AI's GPT model, providing an intelligent assistant that can assist you in problem-solving and retrieve any information you require, anytime and anywhere.
    • 10 Languages Translation - Take your business worldwide and communicate like a native with INMO Air2's accurate translation feature. 10 languages including: English, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Korean, Russian, Italian, Cantonese and Chinese Mandarin.
    • The running system of INMO Air2 is Android. In theory, you can install any Android APP through ADB.

    INMO Air2 AR Glasses

  • LOOI Robot-Turn Your Smartphone into a Desktop Robot
    LOOI transforms your phone into a quirky cyber-creature through a magnetic connection, allowing him to come to life like a little being from another galaxy. With simple gestures, LOOI injects excitement into every moment, revolutionizing your desk presence in one delightful package. He’s your most entertaining and intimate companion. Unlike typical 'pet bots' that merely follow commands, LOOI stands out for its unique personality and original thoughts by integrating ChatGPT for natural language processing and biomimetic behavior systems. With LOOI, your phone becomes more than just a device—it's a cute, clever robot and a helpful workmate. Desktop essentials replaced, productivity and workflow improved!  

    LOOI Robot-Turn Your Smartphone into a Desktop Robot