Xiaomi Xiaoda Sterilizing Lamp

Main Features:

● It is small and portable, the size of a can of coke, and can be carried around in a pocket.

● The active area is about 2 cubic meters.

● 700mAh lithium battery power, USB charging, conventional microl JSB socket

● Charge once, can use 1-2 times, reduce the trouble of frequent charge

● Uv UVC+ ozone ion, two disinfection methods, 30 minutes efficient sterilization Package Contents 1 x Sterilization Lamp, 1 x Power Cord

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Type: UV germicidal Disinfection lamp Emitting

color: Bluish violet

Voltage: 3.7V

Wattage: 2.5W

Battery: 700mAh / Micro USB Charging



Disinfection lamp in the use of people can not be present, can not look directly at the light source. This kind of disinfection lamp will be turned on for 30 seconds after being turned on, and then off for 30 minutes.


Method of use

1. Long press the button for 3 seconds and the indicator light flashes blue. Remind you that the machine is open.The lamp will be automatically lit after

2.30 seconds. You need to leave the machine within this time to avoid direct lighting.

3. The product will automatically shut down after 30 minutes of a working cycle.

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