Roborock S6 MaxV

Product Description

roborock vacuum robot
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S6 MaxV: Another level of intelligence

Twin cameras add advanced features and bring more peace of mind to your robot vacuuming experience. Proprietary ReactiveAI obstacle avoidance systems. Strong suction for a deeper clean. And an electronic water tank that makes mopping smarter. Roborock S6 MaxV takes home robotics to another level of intelligence.

True Vision. Smarter Action

Obstacle Avoidance

Powered by twin cameras, ReactiveAI allows MaxV to recognize and avoid everyday objects * larger than 2in wide, and 1.1in tall*, including pet waste, power strips, end pedestals etc.

  • Dual Cameras, ReactiveAI
  • Precision Navigation
  • 2500Pa Strong Suction
  • Intelligent Mopping
  • Multi-level Mapping
  • Customized Suction and Water Level
  • No-Go Zones& No-Mop Zones
  • 180 Minutes Runtime & Smart Top-Up

robot vacuum cleaner

robotic vacuum cleaner

robot vacuum

Precision LiDAR Navigation

High-precision LiDAR navigation allows efficient route planning day or night by creating accurate models of your home as the robot cleans.

25% More Suction

Equipped with an upgraded HyperForce airflow design generating 2500Pa deeper cleaning is achieved, especially useful for carpeted floors.

Intelligent Mopping

Equipped with a high-capacity 297ml electronic water tank, suitable for homes up to 2150sqft, you can schedule mopping, and even set different water flow levels for specific rooms.

smart top-up

robotic vacuum

robotic vacuum cleaner

Multi-Level Mapping

Up to four levels can be mapped and automatically recognized to ensure efficient navigation, and each floor can have up to 10 No-Go Zones, 10 No-Mop Zones, and 10 invisible barriers.

Smart Top-Up

When cleaning very large spaces, the robot estimates the amount of power needed for the remaining area and recharges only enough to finish the job.

Customized Suction and Water Level

Once recognized, specific rooms can be selected for cleaning, and scheduled vacuuming can be applied to different places with different suction strength and water flow.

robot mop

robot vacuum and mop

automatic vacuum and mop

Washable HEPA-Type Filter

The E11 rated HEPA-Type filter captures up to 95% of home particles. It is washable so that it can be used longer before replacement.

App and Voice Control

Set schedules, clean specific rooms, set water flow, and more from an app. Use Alexa and the Roborock Plus skill or Google Home for comprehensive voice control options.

Long-Lasting Energy

An extra-large 5200mAh battery offers a maximum runtime of 180 minutes*** and a maximum vacuuming area of 2580sqft, more than enough for most homes.

Easy Operation

Run scheduled cleanups without constant floor tidying or accidental mess. MaxV will spot obstacles, even pet waste, and avoid them to save you from any hassle. More obstacle types and intelligent features will be added in the future

Sequence Cleaning

Customize the room cleaning sequence to fit your needs and preference.

* Object recognition accuracy will vary due to environmental factors. Actual icons shown in-app may differ from pictured.

** Based on manufacturer’s internal testing using patterned, textured, high contrast objects in a well-lit environment.

*** Based on internal testing carried out by the manufacturer in Quiet mode with a full battery and with no mop system attached.



Product information

Package Dimensions 19.4 x 16 x 6 inches
Item Weight 13.52 pounds
Manufacturer Roborock
Batteries 1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)
Batteries Required Yes

Main Features

  • ReactiveAI: Powered by twin cameras, ReactiveAI allows MaxV to recognize and avoid everyday objects and unknown obstacles*. S6 MaxV is “Easily the smartest robot vac ever made” by T3
  • 25% More Suction and Genius Level Mopping: A maximum suction power of 2500Pa** means deeper cleaning and click in the 297ml SnapMop system to unlock a suite of advanced mopping features.
  • Precision Navigation: LiDAR navigation and advanced algorithms enable accurate navigation and automatic room recognition.
  • App and Voice Control: Set schedules, clean specific rooms, set water flow, and more from an app. Start cleanups, change modes, and more with Alexa or Google Home.
  • Advanced Route Management: Multi-level mapping systems support up to four floors, with up to 10 No-Go Zones, 10 No-Mop Zones, and 10 Invisible Barriers on each level.ReactiveAI.