1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Earphones

Our triple driver in-ear style represents the mission of 1MORE:

We are not in the headphone business.
We are in the music business.

Our triple drive represents all the sound detail that artists want you to hear.
Essentially, they disappear, so there’s nothing between you and the music.

1MORE Triple Driver In Ear Earphones

Music. Has been delivered.
1MORE unparalleled design standards combine with Luca Bignardi’s visceral tuning to deliver a profound audio experience.
Listening to our triple drive is like listening to your favorite music live for the first time.

1MORE Triples cutaway 500

The three drivers
Having three drives is similar to installing a high-end surround sound system in the ear.
The dynamic drive is like a woofer.
Our armature is like a micro-tweeter.
The bass is full, the mediant is clear, the treble is shining, the sound field is wide.
Sophisticated form
Our lightweight aluminum headphones are ergonomically designed and tilt at an Angle that matches your ear canal, so you can enjoy music in full comfort.
High resolution audio
Our triple drive is hi-res certified and has an extended frequency range of 40,000 Hz.
The music industry is transitioning to high resolution audio, and our triple drive is well suited to that trend.
Three-button remote control
An accessible three-button remote control allows you to control music and answer the phone anytime, anywhere.
Our noise isolators and crystal-clear microphones make conversations sound intimate even in noisy environments.

The headset accessories

1MORE Triple Driver In Ear Earphones



Package contents:

1 x triple drive in-ear headphones

6 x sets of silicone earplugs

3 x sets of foam earplugs

1 x magnetic buckle suitcase
1 x elegant storage box
1 x quality dual pin aviation adapter
1 x matching shirt clip