How do I find a real Xiaomi (company) wholesaler in Hong Kong 2024

Find the Real Xiaomi Wholesaler in Hongkong, and buy 100% Original Xiaomi products. Here are a few tips:
1.Search “Xiaomi Distributor Hongkong” in Google and you’ll get into a few suppliers like Rucas | A leading distributor of Xiaomi and Mi Eco (Rucas | A leading distributor of Xiaomi and Mi Eco) who you can see all products and certificates, also videos.

2.Talk to them with and ask for real-product picture with SKU of the product you wanna buy, and also their warehouse. Some suppliers have live-videos of their warehouse status or find a third-party and do inspection.

3.Check Whether they have Platfoms like GSM B2B, Alibaba, companies listed here are real companies at least as they’re gonna pay and spend money into them. No Scammer pay instead.

4.Find someone or some company you trust to introduce a few wholesalers. Real wholesalers have years of experience in distributing Xiaomi, will be known in this industry.

5.Check the main products they do, wholesalers distribute hundreds of items, some focus on several product category, some distributes all. But stress from Xiaomi official sometimes force them to sell backlogs as bundles.

6.Most wholesalers are registered in Hongkong, but they may have offices in Shenzhen mainland. For global version stock, most wholesalers keep them in their Hongkong warehouse, expect for a few or which not under Xiaomi Logo.

According to Xiaomi’s 2023 Q4 report and 2024 Q1 report, while still limiting wholesalers in global markets.

The first half of 2023, and the strong growth of Xiaomi shipments in emerging markets. In 2023, the ASP of our smartphones in mainland China increased by over 19% year-over-year, hitting a record high.

Xiaomi IoT and lifestyle products
Revenue from our IoT and lifestyle products segment increased by 0.4%.
Primarily attributable to the increase in revenue of Xiaomi smart large home appliances and tablets,
Revenue from our smart large home appliances increased by nearly 40% year-over-year.
Xiaomi tablets maintained strong growth momentum year-over-year, primarily due to the increased revenue of Xiaomi Pad 6 series tablets and Redmi Pad SE series tablets which we introduced globally in 2023.

Rucas one of the 1st few Xiaomi distributor involved in Xiaomi Eco Business from 2016, with full experience in all hottest 3000+ models, certificates, files all full. Endorsed by Capatins/GSM B2B/Union, this company is focusing on bringing more profit for their dealers, after all, for all Xiaomi Distributor/Wholesaler/Dealer/Trader/Supplier, the hottest models brings thinner profit, while those backblogs have bad sales, how to solve this out?

Rucas wholesalers/distributors in Hongkong/Shenzhen dominate advantages in xiaomi newest models, quick delivery to global markets, fast feedbacks of hot-selling models, and fullest supply chain.

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