Blackview Tab 13 4G Tablet

Blackview Tab 13

Instant Productivity,
Endless Entertainment

Blackview Tab 13 supports the RAM expansion of up to 4GB, TÜV Rheinland low blue light certification, PC mode, SIMO Internet, up to 1080 hours of battery standby, and up to 1TB TF storage for unmatched work and play.

Blackview Tab 13 4G TabletBlackview Tab 13 4G Tablet

  • Sleek, Slim, Portable

  • Tab 13 ticks all the boxes for design aesthetics. Every detail, from the refined matte finish coated on a durable aluminum alloy back panel to the modish flattened frame, presents a never-out-dated minimalist, elegant style. Measured 7.7mm slim and 450g light, its portability reaches max.

Blackview Tab 13 4G Tablet

Why to Choose Blackview Tab 13?

Blackview Tab 13 4G Tablet

Higher Efficiency for Everyday Tasks

Blackview Tab 13 4G Tablet

6GB RAM + up to 4GB Expansion=10GB

Heavy-duty Multitasking Made Easy

The new RAM expansion technology extending the 6GB of LPDDR4X RAM to up to 10GB endows Tab 13 with strong prowess in effortlessly launching RAM-intensive, large-scale hot games, running more apps simultaneously in the background, and switching different tasks.

Blackview Tab 13 4G Tablet

MediaTek Helio G85

Drive Gaming to Fuller Potential

MediaTek Helio G85 pumps its Arm Mali-G52 GPU up to a 1GHz peak, blasting performance for avid gamers. Built-in MediaTek HyperEngine technology helps run heavy-loading games more fluidly and responsively with reliable connections and true-to-life visuals.

Blackview Tab 13 4G Tablet

128GB ROM + up to 1TB TF

Enough Space for All Memories

Up to 128GB of eMMC 5.1 internal storage and 1TB of external storage give ample room for a bulk of valuable multimedia files to have everything right at your fingertips and blow through your pleasure anytime.

Blackview Tab 13 4G TabletBlackview Tab 13 4G Tablet

Enhanced Protection for Eyes, Tablet, and Data

TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certified

A screen that’s Easier on the Eyes than ever

Tab 13 is the first-ever Blackview tablet that obtains the TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light certification to help reduce blue light, cause less eye strain, and reduce irreversible harm to eyes in a dim-lit environment or in long-time viewing. Combined with Dark Mode and Reading Mode, it bring out the best reading comfort and readability in any lighting.

Blackview Tab 13 4G Tablet

Blackview Tab 13 4G Tablet

Tempered Membrane + Protective Case

Protection from Front to Back

Sometimes, it’s unavoidable that the tablet drops down and breaks. To protect Tab 13 from drops, falls, or screen cracks, it’s packed with a piece of reinforced tempered membrane and protective TPU case which will give double guarantee of your tablet safety.

Blackview Tab 13 4G Tablet

  • You’re Alwaysin Control

    Android 12 is designed for your safety. With new easy-to-use, powerful privacy features, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have control over who can see your data and when.

Blackview Tab 13 4G Tablet

  • Fast & Secure Face Unlock

    The selfie camera maps out your face in great detail and enables you to access the tablet within a second, faster than typing in password numbers.

Blackview Tab 13 4G TabletBlackview Tab 13 4G Tablet

10.1-inch FHD+ Display

See Greatness on an Incredible Panel

From the moment you light the screen up, the 10.1-inch expansive FHD+ display delivering wide viewing angles, fine color reproduction, and vivid details will amaze you.

Blackview Tab 13 4G Tablet

Dual Smart PA BOX Speakers

Revel in the Stunning Sound

Enliven your ears with the impressive, well-tuned, and clear sound produced by the dual Smart PA-supported BOX speakers without distortion and whip you into extreme excitement and thrill when gaming, listening to grand symphonies, and watching movies.

Blackview Tab 13 4G Tablet

Keep Powered up Longer

7280mAh Battery

The enormous-pack 7280mAh battery that pumps out juices way beyond a day provides a killer solution to low battery anxiety. Never will it slide into power-off earlier at a crunch moment and mess up your recreation merriness or devotion to work and study.

Blackview Tab 13 4G TabletBlackview Tab 13 4G Tablet

Max out the Convenience to Fuel Your Productivity and Creativity

PC Mode

Work Wonders without a Laptop or Desktop

Put your tablet to its full potential by supporting the PC Mode which transforms the display into a familiar laptop-style interface in one tap while you can touch the screen to operate. Combined with the keyboard connection support, work smarter and easier as you were on a computer.

Blackview Tab 13 4G Tablet

Blackview Tab 13 4G Tablet

Game Mode

Game on,Stay Immersive

You can not only set up to block notifications and calls for immersive gameplay by toggling on the Diving Mode but clean up RAM to spare more running space for smoothness. All help you stay ahead of the curve in gameplay.

Blackview Tab 13 4G Tablet

Ready for Revolution?

Versatile Desktop

Doke OS_P 3.0 renders all the magic tricks that amuse you and save your time. You can install apps, dismiss folders, lock the layout, and customize your themes, wallpapers, or icons with a breeze.

Blackview Tab 13 4G Tablet

Keep Your Apps on Tap

Smart Floating Windows

Swipe up, down, right or left or try more gestures to navigate Doke OS_P 3.0 that facilitates your control with convenient floating windows.

Blackview Tab 13 4G Tablet

  • 3-finger Screenshot

    Choose Three Point Screenshot mode and slide down with three fingers to take a screenshot on which you can make a long screenshot, edit with scribbles and mosaic, and share.

  • The Upgraded Notebook

    Write down what you think, probably your whimsical thoughts, creative scribble, or to-do lists with texts, audio, and images on the Notebook.

  • Split Screen View

    With the Split Screen mode, you can read through documents or binge-watch videos while messaging your friends on just a single tablet.

Blackview Tab 13 4G Tablet

Other Highlights that
Shine in Work & Play

8MP + 13MP

Gorgeous in Every Take

Tab 13 is given the photography smarts to capture fabulous portraits and scenes. The 8MP selfie sensor, backed by the Beauty algorithm, brings out the full splendor of your face, while the 13MP back camera nails zingy photos of every memorable moment at the click of the shutter.

Blackview Tab 13 4G TabletBlackview Tab 13 4G TabletBlackview Tab 13 4G TabletBlackview Tab 13 4G TabletBlackview Tab 13 4G Tablet


  • Second Webcam Pixels:13MP
    Front Webcam Pixels:8MP
  • Panel Type:IPS
    Google Play:Yes
  • Camera:Front Camera
  • Cell Capacity:7280mAh
    Extend Port:Type-C
  • Tablet Storage Capacity:128GB
    Processor Core:Octa Core
  • Operating System:Android 12
    Display Size:10.1″
  • Feature:ULTRA SLIM,Dual Cameras
    Memory Capacity:6GB
  • Processor Model:Others
    Touch Screen Type:Capacitive Screen
  • Display resolution:1920×1200
    Processor Manufacture:MTK
  • Network:4G LTE
    Supporting Language:English,Russian,Spanish,Swedish,Portuguese,Turkish,ITALIAN,German,Chinese,French,Japanese,Polish,Ukrainian,Greek,Hebrew
  • Brand Name:BLACKVIEW
    Origin:Mainland China
  • Certification:CE
    Item Type:Tablet PC