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  • Yostan Infrared thermometerYostan Infrared thermometerYostan Infrared thermometer
    Feature: 1. Multi-mode: The thermometer can measure both adults' and children's temperature). Frontal temperature, ear temperature and frontal temperature can be measured. 2. Simple to Use: With handheld, one-button measurement, automatic temperature measurement design, the thermometer is very convenient to use. 3. 40 Sets of Memory Datas: The thermometer can store 40 sets of memory datas and the screen automatically displays the previous set of measurements for each mode. 4. Large Screen and Large Font: You can see the data clearly. 5. Fast: You can see the result within 1 second fast measurement. 6. High Accuracy: The thermometer can realize high sensitivity with advanced infrared temperature sensor. With a temperature correction program, the measurement results more accurately reflect the human body temperature. The error is controlled within 0.15℃, while the industry is 0.2℃. 7. Multi-Function: There are various functions of the thermometer, such as four-color, backlightfever warning function, conversion of Celsius/Fahrenheit Units function, automatic shutdown function, etc.

    Yostan Infrared thermometer