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  • Xiaomi SOOCAS Mini Electronic Shaver ED1Xiaomi SOOCAS Mini Electronic Shaver ED1Xiaomi SOOCAS Mini Electronic Shaver ED1
    Feature: * Rotary trefoil head, sharp cut and shaved. * Type-C charging, battery life up to 90 minutes. * IPX5 waterproof, support dry and wet double shaving. * Small and portable, the razor can be placed in the accompanying bag when you travel, ready to use. * The blade and the kni-fe net are integrated to avoid accidental injury by the blade when disassembling or cleaning the cutter head. * Slim kni-fe net, the thickness of the kni-fe net is only 0.07mm. For short whiskers and hard whiskers, it can be deeply shaved without leaving a stubble.

    Xiaomi SOOCAS Mini Electronic Shaver ED1