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  • MIJIA Giiker I3S Super Magic CubeMIJIA Giiker I3S Super Magic CubeMIJIA Giiker I3S Super Magic CubeMIJIA Giiker I3S Super Magic CubeMIJIA Giiker I3S Super Magic Cube


    1. No tedious

    No need to memorize formulas

    No need to admire the master to quickly recover again.

    2. 10 years of research

    A guide to use, recovery in 30 s

    Built-in patent GiiKER CUBE-SYNC? Synchronization module

    Connect to the app, synchronize the state, automatically calculate the fastest path and guide in real time

    Noviceas can also solve this cube in 30 seconds.

    The rotation of the 90 degree outer layer of the magical Cube GiiKER is recorded as a one step. The speed of the animation can be adjusted on its own. The solution is calculated by a one-step-per-second rotation within 30 seconds.

    GiiKER CUBE-SYNC technology detects real-time magic Cube motion data through a built-in motion sensor and transmits it to the CPU located in the center of the spherical axis. Combined with the recognition algorithm, it automatically calculates the status in real time of each side of the magic cube and connects to the phone's app via bluetoot, providing synchronization.

    3. Connect via Bluetooth

    Personal Magic Cube

    Download the GiiKER app, connect the cube via bluetooth, automatically create a real-time guide to solve.

    The application has 9 courses, each of which can be mastered in about 10 minutes, and the next course can be entered after passing the test. A normal training time of 8 hours is enough.

    4. Interesting

    Never been alone

    Nothing new at your friends' party? They always bury their heads in their phones. Take the magic GiiKER cube, fight each other, getting more fun.

    5. It's a magic cube

    Also is a gamepad

    Turn the cube to play a variety of fun games.

    New world ranking of players.

    Immediately challenge your hand and brain.

    6. Competitive standard

    Strict technical control

    Work in strict compliance with a competitive standard

    Make sure every magic cube delivered is competitive

    7. Level of competition

    Fully bright ORACAL sticker

    Player's competitive standards regardless of cost

    Imported professional-level stickers from Germany

    No matter how fast, you can clearly see the cube.

    8. Mobile Magnetic Module

    Built-in 48 strong magnets, precise positioning

    Comfortable hand feel, stronger rhythm of Magnetic Suction sound

    As with BGM, I can't stop it at first!

    9. Design of the racing structure

    More accumulate rotation and stable elasticity

    Innovative racing structure, more accurate and stable

    A player at all stages can challenge the speed of your hand as fast as they want

    10. Smart time

    Breakthrough speed

    Say goodbye to the traditional timer, intelligently improved learning mode

    Record time, steps, speed and solutions accurately

    Help players improve their skills scientifically

    MIJIA Giiker I3S Super Magic Cube