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  • Haylou Solar Smart Watch WholesaleHaylou Solar Smart Watch WholesaleHaylou Solar Smart Watch Wholesale
    Main Features: ● The ingenuity of design within reach ● TFT high-definition screen brightness ● Innovative nano silicone wristbands ● Cool the metal block ● Wanton reckless movement ● 30 days standby lasting, farewell electricity anxiety ● IP68 waterproof ● Monitoring accuracy and then break to make evidence-based health tracked ● Science-based sleep management of big data, in-depth analysis to help you fall asleep soundly ● All-day continuous heart rate monitor, always pay attention to heart health ● Smart APP "Haylou Fit" real-time synchronization, every time you change the record ● The weather is personalized to remind you to love exhort ● Language: 1. Watch System: English 2. Watch Prompt:English, German, Korean, Thai, etc

    Haylou Solar Smart Watch Wholesale