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  • Fitbit Lonic Smart Fitness WatchFitbit Lonic Smart Fitness WatchFitbit Lonic Smart Fitness Watch
    main feature:
    • Personal coaching. Ionic aims to provide you with more guidance than ever before, with personalised exercises that play on the screen and guide you through everything.
    • Built-in GPS. Multi-exercise mode allows you to track specific exercises, such as weight, running and cycling. In "bike," "run," or "hike" mode, use the built-in GPS to see the speed, distance, and other key data displayed. When you're done, you'll get a complete performance summary that shows elevation elevation, staging time, and roadmap.
    • Heart rate. During your workout, check your real-time heart rate zone to see if you're in the "fat burning," "aerobic," or "peak" zone to optimize intensity and effort.
    • Waterproofing and swimming tracking. Ionic is waterproof and has enhanced swimming tracking. Simply activate the swim mode to record your laps, stroke style, calories burned, etc.
    • Automatic record operation. Ionic is the same when you run. It recognizes when you're running and automatically goes into run mode -- turn on GPS so you can see key run statistics on the screen.
    • Popular apps are available for download
    • payment
    • Customizable clock face
    • For the battery
    • Tracking sleep stages
    • Monitor your resting heart rate
    • Aerobic activity level

    Fitbit Lonic Smart Fitness Watch