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  • Xiaomi youpin Instant Heating FaucetXiaomi youpin Instant Heating FaucetXiaomi youpin Instant Heating Faucet

    Main Features: 1. 3 seconds fast heat due to high performance stainless steel heating element, no need to preheat before using. High efficient, saving energy.

    2. Easy-to-read electronic display shows the water temperature.
    3. Handle control, you can adjust the water temperature and switch the cold water and the hot water by the tap handle. 4. Innovative hydropower separation technology to completely isolate and insulate current and water flow, prevent the occurrence of water flow and electricity, and ensure the safety of water with your family. 5. LED Display, 30-50°C  water temperature adjustable. 6. Easy assembly and disassembly design.

    Xiaomi youpin Instant Heating Faucet