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  • 70mai car vacuum cleaner70mai car vacuum cleaner70mai car vacuum cleaner
    Main Features: ● Suction up to 5kPa; Equipped with 80W powerful motor; Rotate speed up to 32000rpm. ● 24mins Battery Runtime Compare with other cordless vacuum cleaner, which can last less than 20 minutes, 70mai Vacuum Cleaner Swift has the longer battery runtime of 24 minutes on a single charge. ● 4000mAh Battery Capacity 70mai Vacuum Cleaner Swift is equipped with 4 battery with 2000mAh capacity. ● 5V / 2A Fast Charging It only takes 3 hours to be fully charged with 5V / 2A fast charging technology (type-c pot). It allows you to clean your entire car without re-charging.

    70mai car vacuum cleaner