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  • 70mai air compressor70mai air compressor70mai air compressor
    • Unibody Compact Design
    • German Imported PTFE Piston
    • World-class Aluminum Alloy Air Cylinder
    • Air Pressure up to 100psi (7 Bar)
    • Large Air Flow Rate up to 1.13cfm (32L/min)
    • 24-Hour Continuous Inflation. Empty Sedan Tire Filled Up in 3 Minutes and Empty SUV Tire Filled Up in 6 Minutes
    • Touch Screen Pressure Gauge
    • Preset Pressure Auto Off
    • 12V DC Output Convenient Car Cigarette Lighter Support
    • Significantly Reduced Noise & Vibration Level
    • 12ft Long Range Pumping Radius
    • Various Nozzles Included for All Your Pumping Needs

    70mai air compressor