HUAWEI P40 Pro 5G – 8GB/256GB Kirin 990 Ultra Vision Camera

Every touch, every wonderful thing should not be forgotten. The HUAWEI P40 series gives a new life to the picture, defines a profound exploration, and uses the power of super-sensing images to make the memory last for a long time and keep warm and beautiful .

HUAWEI P40 Pro back

Pure aesthetics
leads the way

US ⁠ ⁠ good water screen full ⁠ overflow

HUAWEI P40 Pro new design

Unlimited screen extending to the surrounding, such as a cup full of water, might overflow does not overflow, the four converging full tension overflow panel 1 . Lightly lit, the picture flows, like a vast sea, interpreting boundless purity and immersion. The curved glass is seamlessly connected to the frame, so it is comfortable and smooth to hold. The overflow screen also supports a 90Hz refresh rate, and the picture flows smoothly with your fingertips .

Light and shadow are outstanding

Explore the purity and authenticity from the complexity, express individuality and elegance in restraint. The reinterpretation of five classic solid colors of frost silver, zero-degree white, morning light gold, deep ocean blue, and bright black. Between refraction and light and dark, use a more elegant way to highlight your claim. The unique craftsmanship gives the back a sense of space, allowing pure colors to flow quietly in the three-dimensional space .

HUAWEI P40 Pro four full screen

Four camera integrated
HD interpretation moved

The super-sensing Leica four cameras are integrated between the square inches, each has a division of labor, but cooperates with the tacit understanding. Can be far and near, deep and wide, see the world from multiple angles, and get different surprises. 24 hours HD recording during the day and night. Take pictures, videos, switch between multiple cameras at will. In this way, you can taste the excitement and emotions in life, feel the fantasy and reality in nature, be loyal to your love, be brave to explore the unknown and the distant place, and record every move and experience with the camera .

HUAWEI P40 Pro 1x zoom proofs

ESP 50 million camera like head

1 / 1.28-inch sensor, RYYB color filter array, full-pixel eight-core focusing, beyond the imagination of the amount of light entering, creating a stunning ultra-clear picture quality.

HUAWEI P40 Pro AI Portrait Master

Ultra sensitive Peris-telephoto camera like head

5x optical zoom 2 , 10x zoom hybrid 3 , 50 times digital zoom, instant, the world closer.

Standing immobile
better slowly close

Eliminate distance restrictions and embrace the beauty of the distance. HUAWEI P40 Pro’s slim body contains a periscope telephoto lens that can achieve up to 50x digital zoom. The super-sensitive RYYB color filter array is used to further enhance the telephoto input. So, whether it is bright moon hanging in the sky, or the Ying Yang voyage sailing, stay put and let the beauty go near you.

HUAWEI P40 Pro Full Focus HD

From near to far, witness every detail

HUAWEI P40 Pro can shoot from ultra-wide angle up to 50X digital zoom to achieve multi-focus high-definition imaging. Super wide-angle field of view, magnificent skyline, all included in high-definition; 1X normal shooting, one shot is ultra-clear; 5X optical zoom, so that the beauty of the distance is as clear as walking closer; 10X hybrid zoom, up to 50X digital zoom, zoom in The distance in the distance clearly restores the scenery unreachable by human eyes. Again Super SteadyShot OIS + AIS 6 , precision fit of hardware and software, from near to far, each beat are stable output.

AI portrait masters
understand people and move people

The HUAWEI P40 Pro super-sensing camera works closely with the periscope camera and the 3D deep-sensing camera, supplemented by the pixel-level optimization of the XD Fusion image engine, as well as the richer and more accurate color effects brought by the multi-spectral color temperature sensor and AI AWB. It can be far or near, bright or dark, or it can easily create masterpieces with rich details and true colors in complex light. Pick up the phone, record the pictures of beings, experience the temperature in the photos, and feel the hearts of the people in the picture .

HUAWEI P40 Pro portrait on a solid background

Accurate color reproduction, delicate texture skin presentation, you are more in harmony with light and shadow .

HUAWEI P40 Pro Magazine Style Portrait

As fashion magazine cover, highlighting only goes.

HUAWEI P40 Pro Multifocal Portrait

HUAWEI P40 Pro Multifocal Portrait

Feel the same heartbeat at different distances .

HUAWEI P40 Pro daytime backlight portraitAccurate portrait segmentation algorithm, optimize the lighting of some areas on the opposite side, backlight, and show the scenery.

HUAWEI P40 Pro night backlight portrait

Turning the night backlight into a wonderful highlight, the artistic conception is born.

HUAWEI P40 Pro group photoIntelligent distortion correction, group photos, and how to take beautiful pictures .

⁠ ⁠ now made the United States
poly ⁠ focus ⁠ US

HUAWEI P40 Pro is equipped with a main camera of 32 million pixels and a depth of field camera. When taking selfies, the texture is exquisite. From the facial contour to the root hair, you can find your beauty in detail. The front camera also supports auto focus, from close-up close-ups to taking photos with the selfie stick, regardless of the distance of the lens, instantly focusing on your beauty.

HUAWEI P40 Pro front auto focus

Focus on your moving style from beginning to end .

HUAWEI P40 Pro low-light selfie

Self-conscious selfies will never be light.

HUAWEI P40 Pro group photoGive everyone the same protagonist treatment.

New ways to play video on “AI”