Huawei P40 5G Mobile Phone Kirin 990

Excellent Light and Shadow

Exploring purity and truth from complexity, restraining expression of personality and elegance. Five classic solid colors were reinterpreted, namely frost silver, zero-degree white, morning gold, deep sea blue and bright black. Between refraction and light and dark, highlight your claims in a more elegant way. The unique process gives the back a sense of space, so that pure colors flow quietly in the three-dimensional space.

华为P40 1倍变焦样张

High Cam Quality Combined with Three

The ultra-sensitive Leica triple cameras are integrated between square inches, each with its own division of labor, but with a tacit understanding. It can be far and near, deep and wide, and it can be shot in high definition during the day and night. Take pictures, videos, portraits, switch multiple cameras at will, and coordinate and unify. In this way, running under the busy sun, leisure and relaxation at night; the warmth with family, the happiness with friends; the taste of food, the charm of beautiful scenery. The frozen moment is full of emotion.

华为P40 1倍变焦样张

ESP 50MP camera
16 million head-like ultra wide-angle cameras
8 million telephoto camera

Support 3 times optical zoom 1 time, 5 times hybrid zoom 2, 30 times digital zoom, multi-focus switch section for you.

华为P40 2.5厘米宏

Equipped with Huawei’s largest sensor to date, a 3,1.28-inch photosensitive area, 50 million ultra-high pixels, four-in-one pixels totaling 2.44 microns large pixels, the amount of light incident is beyond imagination, resolution and dynamic range, for you Record your life super clear. Using RYYB ultra-high sensitivity filter array design, the amount of incident light is increased by 40%4 again, and a low noise pure picture is displayed under low illumination. Support full-pixel eight-core focusing, easy to grasp the dynamic moment. Combined with the pixel-level optimization of the XD Fusion image engine, you can take full-time HD photos from dawn to night, from strong sunlight to starlight.

华为P40 AI肖像大师

Every Pixel Reflects a Story

The ice field in the lens, press the shutter, the result is an ultra-clear scene, high-quality detail display, rich color changes, and truly restore what you see. Zoom in from somewhere locally, but there is also a complete story.

Stand Up, Defenders! Beat the Darkness

After sunset, the weak light environment also has strong light performance. The newly upgraded night scene algorithm complements the super-sensing camera. Whether you are shooting in low light or in night scene mode, you can call the night and explore the beauty.

白天华为P40 HD样张

Multi-focus section, Colorful and Exciting Part

0.6 times ultra wide angle, 3 times optical zoom, 5 times hybrid zoom, 30 times digital zoom, multiple focal lengths let you switch freely. From close-up portraits to distant landscapes, to super-distant landscape close-ups, the multi-focus part takes turns. During the journey, you can stop all kinds of stimulation.

华为P40 Night HD样张

Tiny Yet Stunning

Undetectable accidents are more likely to touch your heart. The 2.5cm macro shooting allows you to explore the tiny world in your life and discover great things you have never seen before.

华为P40 1倍变焦样张

AI portrait master

The HUAWEI P40 super camera works closely with the ultra wide-angle camera and telephoto camera, supplemented by the pixel-level optimization of the XD Fusion image engine, and the richer and more accurate color effects brought by multi-spectral color temperature sensors and AI AWB. Regardless of distance, light and shade, or in complex light, you can easily create a masterpiece with rich details and true colors. Pick up the phone, record photos of creatures, experience the temperature in the photos, and feel the hearts of people in the photos.


Accurate color reproduction and delicate skin rendering effect make you more harmonious with light and shadow.


Cover of Magazine, Emphasizing the highlights


The accurate portrait segmentation algorithm optimizes the lighting of certain areas opposite, backlights and displays the landscape.


Turning the night backlight into a wonderful bright spot, generating the conception.

华为P40合影Intelligent distortion correction, group photos and take beautiful photos.

5G Penginner Core Low Power Burst
With High Energy

The ultimate Huawei Kirin 990 5G chip, 7nm + EUV process technology, transistor 10300000000. 8. Three-level energy efficiency of the CPU architecture, the performance and energy efficiency have been significantly improved, handling large files from the hand piano, various computing tasks are easy. Huawei’s first 5G SoC chip 5G baseband is integrated on the SoC, which is smaller, more efficient, and more power efficient; supports SA and NSA dual mode, adapts to multiple frequency bands of the three major domestic operators, and enters the 5G super High-speed era.