Fitbit Lonic Smart Fitness Watch

main feature:

  • Personal coaching.
    Ionic aims to provide you with more guidance than ever before, with personalised exercises that play on the screen and guide you through everything.
  • Built-in GPS.
    Multi-exercise mode allows you to track specific exercises, such as weight, running and cycling.
    In “bike,” “run,” or “hike” mode, use the built-in GPS to see the speed, distance, and other key data displayed.
    When you’re done, you’ll get a complete performance summary that shows elevation elevation, staging time, and roadmap.
  • Heart rate.
    During your workout, check your real-time heart rate zone to see if you’re in the “fat burning,” “aerobic,” or “peak” zone to optimize intensity and effort.
  • Waterproofing and swimming tracking.
    Ionic is waterproof and has enhanced swimming tracking.
    Simply activate the swim mode to record your laps, stroke style, calories burned, etc.
  • Automatic record operation.
    Ionic is the same when you run.
    It recognizes when you’re running and automatically goes into run mode — turn on GPS so you can see key run statistics on the screen.
  • Popular apps are available for download
  • payment
  • Customizable clock face
  • For the battery
  • Tracking sleep stages
  • Monitor your resting heart rate
  • Aerobic activity level
Fitbit Lonic Smart Fitness Watch
Fitbit Lonic Smart Fitness Watch
Launched Fitbit®Ionic™ — the first health and fitness smartwatch that guides you through personalized insight and guided exercise with built-in GPS and continuous heart rate tracking.
Store and play more than 300 songs to stay motivated and inspired by the global fitness community.
In addition, easy access to popular apps, payment on the wrist and 5 days of battery life.
    • Step by step, start with a dynamic personal trainer.
    • Store and play more than 300 songs without a mobile phone.
    • Use the built-in GPS/GLONASS to track speed, distance and route.
    • Obtain PurePulse® continuous heart rate tracking and real-time area
    • Battery life is 5 days (depending on usage and other factors) *

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