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      Main Features:

      -2 in 1 pumping and heating are suitable for most sizes of buckets.
      No installation is required.
      Just insert the water pipe into the bucket to discharge water with one key.
      Pure water is used to flow into the heating tube to form a circulating heating system.
      Heat the cold water to the specified temperature immediately and get the right temperature in 3 seconds without waiting.

      This product adopts the fourth-generation heating system of the hot water distributor — metal oxide thick film heating technology, flow heating, uniform heating and stable heating, and water is generated after heating.

      – waterless design water dispensers with water tanks are difficult to clean internally and are contaminated with scale and bacteria for a long time.
      XIAOLANG water dispensers are designed with no water storage tank, which is very healthy and safe.

      -TDS water quality testing integrates TDS water quality testing technology, which can detect the quality of drinking water in real time and clearly visible water quality data.

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