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  • Digital Infrared ThermometerDigital Infrared ThermometerDigital Infrared ThermometerDigital Infrared Thermometer
    Main Features: 1. It adopts advanced infrared temperature sensing device and has a temperature calibration program. The calculation is accurate and the measurement result truly reflects the human body temperature. 2. This thermometer has a built-in probe for 1 second fast non-contact measurement and storage of 10 sets of measurement data. 3. Thermometer uses large screen backlit LCD digital display with clear reading. 4.The operation is very simple, just need to aim at the forehead distance 5-15 cm and press the button to finish measurement. 5. Suitable for babies, children and adults. It can not only measure the temperature of the human body, but also the temperature of objects, rooms, food, bath water, baby milk, etc. It is widely used in agriculture, industry, food, petrochemical and other industries. 6. The ergonomic design of the thermometer body enhances the handheld experience and makes it easier to operate.

    Digital Infrared Thermometer