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  • Fairywill Sonic FW-507 Electric Toothbrush WholesaleFairywill Sonic FW-507 Electric Toothbrush WholesaleFairywill Sonic FW-507 Electric Toothbrush Wholesale
    • A Powerful Cleaning with 40,000 Micro-Brushes Per Minute.
    • 5 High-Performance Brushing Modes: White (Whitening), Clean(Daily Use), Sensitive(Gentle Vibration For Kids/Children), Polish, Massage(Gum Care). Combination of both strong mode and gentle mode for adults, children and also seniors making it a Great Choice For Families.
    • A Two Minutes Smart Timer with interval pausing reminding you every 30 seconds to shift your brushing area to encourage dentist-recommended brushing habits.
    • Medium soft bristles to Avoid Abrasion To Teeth, Enamel And Gums.
    • Protective bristle cover to have the brush easily included in a travel bag.
    • 55 gram Extra-Light Weight Design that is less than half the weight of regular electric toothbrushes.
    • It is Waterproof and can be used in the bath or shower.
    • One 4 Hour Charge Last For A Minimum Of 30 Days with a low battery reminder and auto shut off after a full charge.
    • It has USB inductive charging, that is safe and easy and Compatible With Any Charger or equipment with a USB port.
    • Brush head with rings of different colors easily allows sharing of the handle with the family.
    • You get Outsanding Value With 8 Dupont Brush Heads, each brush head lasts 3 months so 8 will last for over 24 months, its a good choice for families or anyone who wants to have spare brush heads on hand.
    • Reduced Noise And An Anti-Slip Handle.
    • 1 Year Warranty And 180 Days No Hassle Return.
    • In addition you get a solid TRAVEL CASE made by a reputable brand that will stand the test of your lifestyle at home or in a state of constant travel – at a fair price! The size of the case is most suitable with out taking up to much space. If you’re style of travel fluctuates between flights, road trips, staycations, and the odd cruise then you want to get this case it is the most practical for all occasions. The case fits 1 head 1 base and is machine washable.

    Fairywill Sonic FW-507 Electric Toothbrush Wholesale