Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter Pro Smart foldable wholesale
Xiaomi Mijia electric scooter pro
Performance upgrade, more powerful
Multi-function control panel6 displays Control panel |45 km battery life| 6 times walking speed|3 seconds Quick folding
Won the 2017 Red Dot Best Design Award, 2017 Japan Good Design 100 Best Awards.
With excellent design, meticulous production details, clever folding concept and intelligent operating experience.
The state of the vehicle is well known.
Bluetooth, fault reminder, can be clearly understood through the control panel.
One button, multiple ways to play.
In the off state, short press the key to start.
In the power on state, long press the switch for more than 3 seconds to shut down.
When the power is on, press the switch once to turn the light on/off.
In the power-on state, press the switch twice to switch the speed mode continuously.
Three speed modes, switch at will
Energy Saver Mode (ECO) Standard Mode (D) Sport Mode (S), you can switch between tapping the switch button twice, allowing you to easily handle different riding environments.
Power and speed display, at a glance.
The remaining battery power is displayed in real time, reminding you to charge in time, during the ride, the speed value is displayed in real time, reminding you to ride safely.
45 km long distance life, accompany you to a farther place
High security 18650 power lithium battery, battery capacity 474Wh, high power and high power supply, speed and efficient direct, up to 45 kilometers long distance life. Six intelligent protection of intelligent battery management system, the performance is safe and durable, can inform you the health status of the battery pack through the mobile APP, and promptly remind you if there is any problem.


Intelligent battery management system
Six smart protection.
Short circuit protection.
Overcurrent protection.
Double overcharge protection.
Double over discharge protection.
Abnormal temperature protection.
Undervoltage automatic sleep.


Equipped with an energy recovery system for longer battery life
During the driving process, the Mijia electric scooter will start the energy recovery system by pressing the brakes or releasing the throttle. It will convert some functions into electric energy for storage and use them. The recovered energy will help to increase the endurance.
Highlight headlights
Riding at night, turning on the headlights, your way forward is also lit.


Double brake system
The disc brake disc is 120mm, the front wheel is E-ABS anti-lock braking system, and the rear wheel is ventilated disc brake system, which can achieve high-efficiency braking, quick response, safe riding and worry-free.


Safety tail warning light
When the brake handle is pressed, the tail warning light comes through the non-stop flashing warning. Whether it is day or night, just to protect your safety.
8.5-inch pneumatic tires before and after, which can comfortably pass most of the road surface
The front and rear tires are 8.5-inch rubber mixed material, which has good shock absorption and road adaptability. Most of the road surface can be easily passed, reducing the bumpiness of riding and providing a comfortable riding experience.
Simple design, accompanied by beauty along the way
From the frame to the accessories, the uniform and simple geometric design language is adopted, and the color tone is harmonious and unified, which explains the simple design aesthetics.
3 seconds fast folding
Solve the troubles of handling and storage, can be easily put into the trunk, the body is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy, with low density and high strength, the whole vehicle is as light as 14.2kg.
Smart App Manager
Continuation of the generation of mobile phone app via Bluetooth, firmware upgrade, switch lock, riding data monitoring, and humanized cruise control settings can help reduce the tension and fatigue of the driver’s hand control, even speed Also saved battery.


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