Product Description

roborock S4

Precision mapping and a revamped drivetrain make Roborock S4 the ideal robot vacuum for complicated homes. Combined with map saving, Selective cleaning, easily drawn virtual no-go zones and walls, Schedule cleans for one room, multiple rooms, or your entire home and intense suction, and long battery life, it is a powerful cleaning robot for your home. Through its app, you have total control of everything from power level to schedule.

*Use Roborock APP to enjoy selective cleaning.

robot vacuum

robot vacuum

robot vacuum cleaner

robot vacuum cleaner

Selective cleaning

Control exactly where you want S4 to go, and not go, from your phone. Including selective room scheduling, zone cleaning, and virtual no-go zones and barriers. No add-ons devices or magnetic tape required.

* Only Roborock APP supports the selective cleaning.

Precision Navigation

A high-precision laser navigation system scans your room at 300RPM, creating a real-time map of your home that is accurate to up to +/- 2cm.

Do not suggest using it on long-pile carpets.

Supersized LiPo Battery

Equipped with a supersized 5200mAh LiPo battery, S4 can run longer, giving you up to 150 minutes* of non-stop cleaning, equivalent to a total cleaning area of 2691sqft.

*Tested in Roborock labs on hard floors, run time may vary.

Intense Suction

Generating up to 2000pa of suction, enough to easily lift dust off floors and even pull out trapped dirt from inside carpets, S4 will leave your floors gleaming and your carpets vibrant.

robot vacuum

robot vacuum cleaner

robot vacuum

roboic vacuum

Ideal for Pets

An anti-tangle main brush reduces hair tangling, keeping S4 running for longer without interruption. It is easily detachable, so that if it does get jammed, it is fast to remove, clear, and return.

Surprisingly Quiet

Powerful suction does not have to mean loud. S4 treads a delicate balance giving you maximum power for less noise so that you can clean with less disruption to your home life.

Total App Control

Control S4 completely from anywhere with an internet connection. Start or stop a cleanup, set schedules, change suction levels, and more.

Built-In Fall Protection

Clean right to the edge of stairs and ledges without worry. Four onboard cliff sensors, two in front and two in the back, scan the ground and stop S4 from going over edges.

Automatic Top-up Charging

When cleaning larger spaces, S4 will clean until its battery is low, then it will return to its dock and recharge to 80% capacity before continuing with the cleanup.

Multiple Cleanup Modes

Choose the right cleanup mode for any given need, with 5-levels of cleaning power, generating increasing amounts of suction and noise. Available modes are Quiet, Balanced, Turbo, and MAX.

Remote Control

Take control over exactly where S4 goes, and drive it to where you need it using either the “Pin & Go” function or by driving your robot using virtual joysticks on your phone.

Accessory Maintenance Scheduling

Various S4 accessories will need cleaning and replacing at different times. Use the app to check when each item needs to be checked and even receive recommended replacement notifications.

Floating Main Brush

The floating main brush adjusts its height for the perfect clean, dropping close to the ground when cleaning hard floors and rising on the carpet for proper carpet agitation.

For Optimal Use:

Use on low- to medium-pile carpets, tile, wooded and hardwood floors. Not suitable for high-pile carpets.

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