Mijia DC inverter floor fan 1X

Simulate natural winds, let the soft winds feel at all times
Soft wind and comfortable blow the wind
Xiaoai classmate, voice control
140 degree super wide wind supply range
14 meters farthest wind supply distance
26.6dB(A) ultra low working sound
100 modes to adjust wind speed
Soft, wide, and good at change,
This is the secret of natural wind comfort.
The direct current wind blown by the traditional electric fan is very tough.
It is easy to be uncomfortable for a long time, and the natural wind is soft, wide, and good at change.
 It is a secret that makes people cool and comfortable.Tookfun
The change in wind speed is irregular
Feel closer to the natural wind
Different from the artificial DC wind, the comfortable natural wind speed is not changing regularly,
and the heat and humidity of the body are not lost at high speed.
Based on the long-term collection of natural wind data,
Mijia DC frequency conversion floor fan 1X uses an algorithm to simulate this irregular change of natural wind,
and the wind blows make your mood happy.
Large area wing fan leaves
Cut the air flow to a more delicate and soft
Mijia DC inverter floor fan 1X custom-made seven large-area airfoil fan leaves. It can evenly and densely cut the airflow, and the softness of the natural wind is better. When the wind touches the skin, it makes people feel comfortable.Tookfun
Good wind is always there, just need Xiaoai classmates to say a word
100 modes to adjust the wind speed, 140 degree swing head amplitude, to meet the needs of more people
Xiaoai classmate, the fan is adjusted to natural wind
Xiaoai classmate, set the fan to the moving head mode
Xiaoai classmate, turn on the fan after an hour
14 meters super far wind supply distance
Let air conditioning to be evenly distributed in the room
Mijia DC variable frequency floor fan 1X DC brushless motor adopts lossless design, smooth in the process of speed switching, no jam, fan naturally stable outward blowing wind, up to 14 meters, can be used with air conditioner in summer,
can let Air conditioning is more evenly distributed throughout the room.
26.6dB(A) lowest working sound
Quiet sleep, an entire night
A summer electricity consumption is only 1.3 degrees (in the first mode, the wind is blown for 8 hours per day)
Up and down high to low angle of 39 degrees
Walk, sit down, lie down and can all blow the wind.
Top control button
Standing can also operational control.

* The superb craftsmanship into simple design aesthetics.

* Simulate the real natural wind.

* Adjustable 100-level wind – through connecting APP ( Mijia).

* 7 fan blades design for strong wind power.

* Low noise without trouble your sleep.

* Four pendulum angle: 30 / 60 / 90 / 140 degrees.

* Mobile APP Smart Control.