Dreame XR Premium Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Wholesale

Main Features
● 5 stage filtration filters 99.99% of all dust particles.
● HEPA filtration, High density sponge filter, cyclone filter, etc.
● Smart Cool – Patented Self-regulating heat dissipation system ensure long battery and motor life.
● Stretchable Vacuum Pipe for vacuuming corners and hard-to-reach spots.
● Extra brushes included for cleaning sofa, mattress, carpet, corners, car, etc.
● Affordable – less than 1/2 the price of other leading vacuum brands.
● Ergonomic and lightweight- Comfortable handle grip, back-mounted motor.

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Dreame Premium Series

140AW-MES System Powerful Suction  |  60 Minutes-Long Lasting  |  XR Exclusive Accessories-All in one  |  Quite-Noise reduction



Suction Force and Battery Life Both Enhanced

Equipped with MES intelligent three-party collaborative System for the first time by XR.

The full name of the MES system is”MES motor and endurance and air-cooling cooperative svstem which is composed of a power source-motor, an energy source-electric and an air-cooling self-regulating system -Smartcool Supported by three-party altogether, the product has stronger suction force and longer battery life.


Large apartment cleaned with one charge

Powered by MES System


Excellent motor guarantees extreme power

Space 3.0 Turbo host precision Motor inside MES system.

Integrated with cutting-edge aerospace technology,it took Dreame core R&D team 3 entire years to develop 100,000rpm host precision motor with rated power of 450W.


Full imported lithium-ion battery with ultra-long running time

Dazzling performance based on MES technology.

Precise motherboard circuit and turbo Boost motherboard support ultra-long running time.


Delicate Heat Dissipation

SmartCool Air-cooling Design inside MES System.

Exquisite exhaust passage design and real-time and efficient heat dissipation ensure good condition of motor and battery pack.




XR Brand new double-spiral Carpet brush with independent motor

Strong ultimate cleaning mode

Independent motor ensures stronger vacuum suction power for deep cleaning carpets; Hard and soft bristle make flapping and cleaning in the same time;Double-spiral brush reduces the resistance and protects the carpets together.



Large-diameter Floor Brush

Driven by independent motor with hair tangle-free design.

25 mm diameter large torque brush with soft fluff meets deep cleaning of the floor,with strong suction power and hair tangle-free design.Wrist-like connecting shaft realizes the flexible and wide-angle maneuverability.


Self-driven Mite Cleaning Brush

Remove 99.99% Mite

Deeply remove mites and allergen,keeping healthy environment all the time




5 Stages Particle Filtration Isolates

Purification rate up to 99.98%

Cleanness with high filtration performance

Good at self-cleanness



Easy to clean the place high in the house

Ergonomic design for better user’s experience.

Flexible cleaning with comfortable handhold design of locating the motor on the back.



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