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  • Xiaomi JIMMY JV51Xiaomi JIMMY JV51Xiaomi JIMMY JV51Xiaomi JIMMY JV51

    Main Features:

    100,000rpm digital motor, 115W effective suction power, tornado powerful suction 50mm large diameter with a big air inlet, soft and hard hair composite, sucking big and small size of the particles easily With a professional electric anti-mite brush, effectively remove dust mites and allergens Efficient filtration HEPA with 99.97 percent removal rate Replaceable large capacity lithium battery, 45min long standby Come with multiple brushes, anti-mite brush, floor brush, hair brush 1.46kg lightweight host, portable, easy to hold and lift Innovative combing structure, anti-winding hair Cleaning area can reach 350 square meters with full charging Detachable washable design, more convenient to clean

    Xiaomi JIMMY JV51