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  • Xiaomi Inface MS7000 Blackheads RemoverXiaomi Inface MS7000 Blackheads RemoverXiaomi Inface MS7000 Blackheads Remover
    Features: ●Deep Cleaning Your Skin: Reject blackheads, acne, each pores breathe freely. ●Polymer Battery andSmart Air Valve: Strong suction to effectively fight back blackhead. ●2 Mode: Straight suction mode, large suction, suitable for stratum corneum thicker skin, recommended for male. Soothing breathing mode, one suction one soothe working mode, comfortable and less pain, suitable for female and sensitive skin. ●3 Gear for Different Skin: LOW: gentle adsorption, mainly for dry skin. MID: medium-strength suction, mainly for mixed skin. HIGH: strong adsorption, mainly for oily skin. ●4 Beauty Nozzle Partition Cleaning: Large round hole beauty nozzle, for large blackheads parts. Small round hole beauty nozzle, for vulnerable sensitive parts. Elliptical hole beauty nozzle, for lifting and tightening the skin. Net acne beauty nozzle, specially designed for the acne skin. ●Nozzle 30 Degree Convex Design: It can better fit the facial skin, strengthen suction, gently squeeze the pores, suck out and drive away the blackheads. ●30 Degree Body Curvature Better Grip Experience: The angle between the tip and the body is 30 degrees, the tip can fit the skin of the face, adapt to the contour of the nose, and the operation is more flexible.

    Xiaomi Inface MS7000 Blackheads Remover