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  • Mi IMI Home Security CCTV Camera 360Mi IMI Home Security CCTV Camera 360Mi IMI Home Security CCTV Camera 360

    Main Features:

    Your home is always in your pocket. You can scan the QR code and download the Mi Home App. IMILAB IP Camera can work well with Mi Home App.

    Through the integration of deep learning technology and focused optimization of the algorithms and network software, the camera is able to accurately determine when to alert you and notifies you on your phone. Your home is always by your side. With the help of IMILAB’s AI engineers, IMILAB IP camera is not only a camera, because It makes it possible for you to stay with your baby, pets and family. Just talk to your kid or pets via IMILAB IP Camera when you are outside. Sometimes they just need care and comfort. Camera can rotate and be controlled by Mi home APP. It Supports 96° Up-down and 360° Horizontal rotate. The amount of pixels of 1080P is 2.25 times MORE than the amount of 720P, it means that you can view your home clearly all the time. Equipped with 4-Bulb 850lm Infrared and F3.2 Aperture, even when the picture is automatically switched to Black and White due to extremely low light, the picture can still be brighter and more detailed compared to other typical cameras. The advanced H.265 video encoding is more efficient and storage-saving, achieves less storage use and faster video streaming. When viewing video stream through the Mi Home App, you can easily slide screen to rotate the camera, so that you can look around every area of your house or office. The camera is pre-installed with the rotation base and can be placed on a table, window, ceiling or wall.Inverted installation is possible with a minor camera setting change. The setting is also convenient: • Download the Mi Home App • Power on the camera • Launch the App and connect to the camera

    Mi IMI Home Security CCTV Camera 360