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  • ROIDMI F8E Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 18500Pa Wholesale
    Original Roidmi F8E Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 18500Pa with Magnet Stand Charger App Control from Xiaomi Youpin Feature: 1. The lightweight brushless motor provides long-lasting and powerful power for the vacuum cleaner, ensuring long-term stable operation of the vacuum cleaner. 2. Cyclone dust suction duct to effectively remove dust and particles from the ground. With multi-layer noise reduction design, the noise is as low as 75dB (A), making it more comfortable to use. 3. High-powered power supply, charging only 2.5 hours, safe and durable performance, 40min battery life, deep cleaning of the home. 4. The optimized air duct structure design will not cause the filter plug to block, avoid suction loss, and bring longer strong suction. 5. The multi-layer filtration system effectively filters dust and particles, maintains long-term suction, effectively discharges clean air, avoids secondary pollution, and creates a clean and healthy home environment for you. 6. Multiple whirling dragon duct system, 17000pa wind pressure. 7. Charge for 2.5 hours and run for 40 minutes. 8. 80000rpm DC Digital Brushless Motor

    ROIDMI F8E Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 18500Pa Wholesale