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  • Ninebot Go Cart Kit WholesaleNinebot Go Cart Kit WholesaleNinebot Go Cart Kit WholesaleNinebot Go Cart Kit Wholesale

    Double fun: You can enjoy the full GoKart range up to 13 through connecting your Ninebot S to the GoKart Drift suite.Seven miles, 10 MPH.Air - free hollow tyres are easy to maintain and provide a more comfortable ride

    The passion of drift racing: The Segway GoKart USES hand brakes and brake pedals to switch forwards and backwards.The direction height is 2.1:1 allows for precise direction, while the safety of the rider is ensured by the reinforced seat belt

    Choice for everyone: The Segway GoKart has three age-appropriate driving modes.The adjustable frame length and steering wheel height can accommodate riders 4'3 "to 6'5" tall, with a maximum load of 220 LBS., and a maximum slope of 15°

    Portable design: Foldable and portable, Ninebot Gokart suite fits into most of the boxes of cars so you can carry it wherever you want to ride!Note: You will need to purchase Segway miniPRO or Ninebot S

    Ninebot Go Cart Kit Wholesale