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  • Mijia Cordless VacuumMijia Cordless VacuumMijia Cordless Vacuum
    Main Features: Uses a high-end 9-cone tornado cyclone design, and 9 small tornadoes respond to micron-sized particles to maintain constant suction. Adopt a large suction force of 100AW, equipped with a 100000rpm brushless variable frequency DC motor and a high standard static pressure of 23KPa. Refuses PM2.5, adopts 5-fold filter dust-removing system, pure purifier level discharge, firmly locks 99.97pct of dust to avoid secondary pollution. Equipped with four brush heads, which can absorb the ground, bed mattress, car interior, keyboard, etc. 30 minutes of battery life, full of electricity, can clean 160sqm large apartment. In addition to the motor and electric brush head, all can be washed.

    Mijia Cordless Vacuum