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  • Mi Home Mi Eco XiaoMi  Mi Truck
    Main features: ● properly restore the shape and drive structure of the truck. ● splicing process is not only patient training, but also imagination. ● excellent direction control system, you can control the direction of the car at will. ● loading and unloading system modeled after a real car. Six large rubber tires, suitable for all kinds of terrain. ● meet the country's strict 3C standards, can rest assured that children play. ● recommended age: 6 +.

    Mi Home Mi Eco XiaoMi Mi Truck

  • Mi Home Mi Eco Xiaomi Router MeshMi Home Mi Eco Xiaomi Router MeshMi Home Mi Eco Xiaomi Router Mesh
    Xiaomi Mesh 2.4GHz + 5GHz WiFi Intelligent Router Stable coverage, ubiquitous, AC1300 wireless + 1000M LAN + 1300M power line multichannel high-speed hybrid transmission. Qualcomm DAKOTA 4-core CPU, 4 independent signal amplifiers, full-size WiFi seamless coverage, optimized for Xiaomi smart home optimization. Main Features ● This is a Wi-Fi system that can handle a variety of home environments ● Good signal, no dead ends, achieve good signals everywhere ● Dual-band, one Wi-Fi name, no longer entangled to choose ● Use wire networking, regardless of wall blocking ● Four independent signal amplifiers with good signal and wall penetration ● Compared with the wireless relay mode, the network speed attenuation is greatly reduced ● Strong CPU, Internet speed is fast ● "Chimney" cooling structure, large metal heat sink ● A set of routers tailored for Xiaomi smart home equipment ● Support IPv6 ● MU-MIMO takes care of every Internet-connected device ● Easily manage your child's online time and content ● Smart APP, feature-rich, remote control: Xiaomi WiFi APP ● Simple configuration, blind insertion of network port

    Mi Home Mi Eco Xiaomi Router Mesh