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  • JIMMY Handheld Wireless Flush Machine JW31JIMMY Handheld Wireless Flush Machine JW31
    Main Features:Wash your car anytime, anywhere180W motor, 2.2Mpa high water pressure, 180ML/H high flowHigh-performance lithium battery, free from socket and power line control, can clean 2 cars in a rowSelf-priming, flexible water source, include impurities filter, no worry about water quality ● With a 21W fast charge, it only takes 2.5 hours to fully charge ● Detachable battery pack for easy charging and replacement ● Adopt a lightweight and high-performance water pump ● With JIMMY high-quality storage bag, the storage trunk has no pressure ● Multi-function nozzle, satisfying 5 cleaning modes and various plot scenes ● Gun-shaped design with both hands, soft rubber wrap, comfortable feel ● Eco mode saves water, you can also use the Eco + shower mode to bath your pets, you can use Eco + fan mode to clean your home screens Parameters: ● Water pressure: 2.2Mpa ● Flow rate: 180L / h ● Rated pressure: high-grade 2.2Mpa, energy-saving file: 0.8Mpa ● Rated flow rate: 3L / min ● Maximum inlet pressure: 0.5Mpa ● Battery: 2500mAh Li-ion x 5 ( included ) ● Fast charge: 21V, 1A ● Charging time: 2.5h ● Water pipe length 6 meters ● Material: PC + silicone + metal

    JIMMY Handheld Wireless Flush Machine JW31