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  • Deerma Humidifier DEM-F800 WholesaleDeerma Humidifier DEM-F800 Wholesale
    Main Features: 1. Infinitely Adjustable Fog Knob It is very convenient to adjust the amount of mist in the humidifier with a single twist. 2. Wide Range Humidification The humidifier that delivers even and far fog. The turbine air supply unit is equipped with a straight mist outlet. The humidification range is expanded to evenly moisturize the corner of the home. 3. 5L Huge Capacity 5L large capacity can continue to humidify for a whole day, no need to add water frequently. 4. Visualized Water Gauge With a transparent water gauge design, you can see the change in water volume, add water in advance. 5. ABS Material Made of high-quality ABS material, resistant to falling, smooth, it is easy to clean.

    Deerma Humidifier DEM-F800 Wholesale