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  • Apple Watch Series 5Apple Watch Series 5Apple Watch Series 5Apple Watch Series 5
    Main Features:Always-On retina display, allowing time and dial to be visible from time to time. ●Quickly measure your heart rate and give you a reminder when your heart rate is too high or too low. ● The noise exceeds the standard reminder, and the surrounding noise is automatically detected. When the noise is too high, please be reminded. ●Record the physiological period and pay attention to your physical health. ●Fitness helper, set fitness goals, and help complete physical activity. ●Incentive exercise, fitness record ring automatically detects and tracks the progress of your physical activity, and reminds you according to the situation and encourages you to sit less and exercise more. ●Massive music, Apple music plays tens of millions of music online. ●Compass + altimeter, so you no longer get lost. ● Quickly find and download apps to meet your daily needs. ● Separate use of mobile phones, communication, telephone, SMS, music. ●NFC payment, you can complete the payment shopping by raising your hand. ●Custom dial, DIY your exclusive watch. ●Multiple function: 4G call, NFC payment; sedentary reminder, barometric altitude measurement, social entertainment, message reminder, heart rate monitoring, custom dial, SMS sending and receiving, call reminder, mail prompt, built-in speaker, music player, compass

    Apple Watch Series 5