Bebird X7 Pro Smart Visual In-Ear Cleaning Tool

300w High Precision Endoscope
Easy To Dive Into The Small Ear Canal
Four Axis Intelligent Directional Gyroscope
Exquisite Ear Picking At Any Angle
High-Tech WiFi Chip
Fast Transmission
Global Originality Q Ear Spoon
Pleasure, Desire, Touch
11pcs Secret Ear Parts
Innovate PC Silica Gel Q Ear Spoon
Pinrou Picking Ear Baby Doesn’t Hurt
Technology Is More Human
Power On And Auto Connect
350mAh High-capacity
1.5 Hours Quick Charge Available 60 Days
Base Accessories Storage Box
Easy Storage, Convenient Storage
Magnetically Charged Base
Let Charging Become A Daily Farewell To The Trouble Of No Electricity
Intelligent Visual Ear Bar Magnetic Suction Base
Unobstructed Ear Canal
High Precision Endoscope ‖ Speed WiFi ‖ Meet The Needs Of The Whole Family


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