Xiaomi Youpin Shower Head: Automatic Water Temperature Adjustment

Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunded a large white U Yuet shower head that can automatically adjust the ratio of hot and cold water and constant temperature water output. The shower is equipped with a 13-inch super-large top shower, and a new patented technology to achieve 0.3mm ultra-fine water flow.

Official Said to form a dense and soft water curtain. The storage table with air insulation treatment isolates the main body from high temperature, which can ensure all-round and full-temperature anti-scalding. The VERNET valve core imported from France in the thermostatic style can sense and control the temperature within 1s, and guarantee the constant temperature water flow of 38℃.

The official said that the shower has an exclusive patented filter screen and water flow technology, which can finely filter the flowing water, remove impurities and protect the thermostatic valve, while achieving a very fine water outlet of 0.3mm, making the water curtain softer and noise during showering. Lower. The black version incorporates silver ion antibacterial technology, which can effectively resist Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli, with an antibacterial rate of over 99%.

In addition, the shower also has an air-type heat-insulating shelf, which adopts a unique structure to form an air-insulating layer to insulate the shelf from high temperatures, and can place towels and shower gels.

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