Xiaomi Youpin Releases a Solar Power Bank: Available in Rainy Day

On May 27th, Xiaomi Youpin launched a YEUX outdoor portable solar energy storage mobile charging board, suitable for long outdoor travel scenarios. In scenarios such as cycling, mountaineering, and camping, when the conventional charging treasure is also useful, solar energy has become the first choice for environmentally friendly and renewable clean energy. This charging panel can be hung on a backpack after receiving the solar charging.

Officials claim that it uses high-sensitivity, high-conversion, single-crystal silicon solar panels, and the conversion rate is greatly improved compared with traditional solar panels. It can also be recharged on rainy days.

Its built-in 6400 mAh 308695 lithium polymer battery. When the light is good, it will power the built-in battery and external equipment; when there is no light, use the household electricity directly to charge the built-in polymer lithium battery. During the charging process, when the indicator light of the solar controller lights up in blue, it means charging. In continuous light conditions, the LED indicator lights up to indicate full, under low light or no light conditions, the LED indicator turns off.

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