Xiaomi launches Mijia Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Lite and Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer 1S

Mijia Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Lite is equipped with high-end configuration such as 1.2kg ultra-light main unit, high-speed brushless motor, and 45min long-lasting battery life. Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer 1S focuses on “two photo sizes, high-definition printing master”.

The main unit of Mijia Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Lite is only 1.2kg, which is equivalent to 2 bottles of 600mL drinking water. Using a high-efficiency and low-noise brushless motor, it can produce a large suction force of up to 17000Pa, and efficiently suck dust and garbage. Built-in high-quality shaped lithium battery pack, the battery life of standard gear reaches 45min after full charge, eliminating the user’s worries about power interruption during use. The Mijia Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Lite is equipped with an electric soft-bristled floor brush driven by an independent motor. The roller brush rotates at high speed while the bristles are slender and flexible, which can penetrate into every gap of the floor and floor tiles and efficiently remove the hidden dust. It is also equipped with a long suction nozzle and a flat suction nozzle to clean the dust and fluff on the surface and cracks of the furniture.


Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer 1S adopts dye sublimation printing technology, with high-definition picture quality and delicate colors. Built-in multi-size ID photo templates, a new 3-inch square photo, ID photos and photos of various sizes can be printed at home. The package contains consumables and can be printed out of the box; the mobile phone is directly connected to the printer, and the photos are snapped and printed.

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