Xiaomi Gaming Mouse Lite starts crowdfunding: 5-speed adjustable DPI, RGB lighting effects, the price is 99 yuan

This mouse started crowdfunding at Xiaomi Mall at 10:00 this morning, with a retail price of 129 yuan and a crowdfunding price of 99 yuan.

到手99元!小米游戏鼠标Lite开售:5挡可调DPI 自带RGB灯效

It is reported that this gaming mouse weighs about 72g, and has a “zero punch” lightweight shell, which takes into account the integrity of the body and high-strength structural support; the rear RGB colorful streamer atmosphere light, you can adjust the long light and streamer light through the key combination without driving. , breathing and other lighting effects and brightness; the curved surface of the fuselage fully fits the force point of the palm, and the grip feels rich and full, suitable for a variety of holding habits such as lying and gripping, and long-term operation is also comfortable and stable.

到手99元!小米游戏鼠标Lite开售:5挡可调DPI 自带RGB灯效

In terms of configuration, this mouse is equipped with the original PixArt sensor, up to 220 1PS and 6200DPI, and accurately tracks the mouse positioning point. There are 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6200, 5 DPI gears; NXP 32-bit ARM architecture MCU is used to quickly process sensors and operate efficiently, 1000Hz data rate of return, and 1ms response speed; main button TTC dustproof gold micro-motion , the trigger feedback is quick and timely, and the life of 80 million high-strength clicks. IP54 protection grade, 5 layers of protection structure reinforcement reliability.

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