Why People Choose 70mai A800 Dash Cam?

Many people buy driving recorders, which are mainly used for real-time recording, so that they can be used as evidence in an emergency. However, with the rapid development of technology, the significance of the existence of today’s recorders has far exceeded this category. Like a camera and a mobile phone, it can help us take pictures of the beautiful scenery on the road, and it can also remind us of the road conditions like an assistant. To do this, the most important thing is to have bright and clear “eyes”. The 70-meter A800 that I want to share with you today is such a powerful recorder. It has 4K ultra-clear image quality and can shoot quite rich details. In addition, it also has a built-in GPS, which can realize ADAS driving assistance. If it is combined with two rear cameras, it can achieve front and rear dual cameras without leaving dead spots!

How to choose a recorder

The commonly used types of driving recorders developed to now mainly include screen recorders, rearview mirror recorders and non-screen driving recorders. When I choose, the first thing I look at is the volume. After all, the space in the car is very limited. Under this premise, it is of course best to have a preview screen, because in an emergency, the playback screen will be more convenient. The 70-mile A800 can meet these two points.

4K ultra clear

The camera viewing angle of 70 Mai A800 is 140°, which can see a wide range, and uses 7 layers of high light transmission glass, plus a large aperture of F1.8, even in low light conditions Good picture effect. Of course, the most commendable is its 4K resolution (3840*2160), which is a qualitative leap in image quality compared to the traditional 1080P. The picture below is the city scenery taken by my handheld recorder, and you can see its quality Compared to mainstream mobile phones, it is not inferior. It is worth mentioning that the A800 has a built-in 500mAh battery, so it can meet short-term independent shooting.

The advantage of high resolution is that even when zoomed in to 100%, the details are very delicate, which is of course very beneficial for shooting during driving.

ADAS driving assistance

70 Mai A800 also has a very interesting function, which is ADAS driving assistance. It is during the driving process, it can automatically judge the situation ahead and make corresponding prompts, including the collision of the preceding vehicle, the start of the preceding vehicle, lane departure, etc. This is very helpful for novice drivers. To use this function, you need to perform some initial settings first, and there will be relevant prompts on the screen, mainly to place the horizon on the designated position and the lane line to be in the center of the screen, so that it can have a real effect.

Double recording

The rear camera is generally an optional accessory for the driving recorder, and the A800 is no exception, but it is thoughtfully designed with two rear cameras, namely “in-car rear-recording” and “outside rear-pull”, where “outside the car” The installation of “back-pull” generally needs to be done by a professional master in the store, while “back-recording in the car” is the same as the front camera. Just stick the camera on the rear window glass, and you can do it easily. Here I choose It is this kind of post-shooting.

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