Who are Mi Eco Members?

Till the end of 2018, Mi Eco Brands’ Number reaches 100. 
Below are some brands among them.


The characters that make up the name of this company are Meter that we know to mean “rice” e Home what does it mean “Home, family”. It is rather a sub-brand that a satellite company and as the name suggests, is mainly concerned with the development of products for the home and for home automation, but not only because of the many devices there are also action cams and scooters.

  • Mijia Vacuum 1C
  • Mijia Walking Pad
  • Mijia Walkie Talkie
  • Mijia Wiha screwdriversMirror
  • Mijia 4k projector
  • Mijia Driving recorder 1S
  • Mijia 1080p Smart Camera


Did you expect a Chinese meaning? But no! The etymology of the word comes from the Latin:vi stands for “vitae” e omi for “omega”, to take on the meaning of “Great life, infinite technology”. This company, unlike the other two, focuses its work on the construction of smart appliances and IoT devices.

  • Viomi V2
  • Viomi V2 pro
  • Viomi Electric Cup


The brand of QCY was come into being 2009. The company has regarded technology, R&D, design and innovation as its core competitive edges since the founding day. As a result, all products with the green logo have independent intellectual property rights respectively.

Professional R&D team equipped with advanced devices owns superior technology including CSR chipset, DSP/CVC digital noise isolation, TWS connection solution, active noise cancelling and Bluetooth plus MP3 dual-module. We are able to develop and design dynamic driver independently and do researches on new diaphragm and the structure, simulation and measure of new driver.

The team has branches like ID structure, mould development, electronics, software tech and acoustic engineering so as to provide technical supports to our products in an all-round way.

We find for example:

  • QCY T2C
  • QCY T3
  • QCY T5
  • QCY T6


This start-up is basically about cleaning and therefore he builds robots that are dedicated to our luster in our home. Even these “droids”, to put it to Geroge Lucas, are really smart and we give you a try in our review:

  • Roborock S5max
  • Roborock S6


Based on Latin words acutulua that is “smart / smart” oe era that is “house”, Aqara embodies our belief that the future home will become increasingly intelligent. Aqara aims to improve the user experience in their own home (which lately we see little because of the hard work that is killing us) e increase comfort by reducing energy consumption. Aqara products can be composed of a simple device kit, such as a light switch and a lamp, or a complete suite of products that allow the automation of the whole house, including sensors, smart controllers and apps. The team developed a powerful and easy-to-use mobile app and an advanced data analysis platform. Since Aqara launched its first product, it has achieved impressive growth by selling over 1 million units in a year, expanding the product categories from 4 to 15 devices. we find:

  • Aqara Smart Door Lock S2
  • Aqara Motion Sensor
  • Aqara U M2


1MORE is a consumer electronics company that focuses on the search for acoustic technology, headphones, hardware and design of devices for audio reproduction. This company believes that the music is the monologue of the soul and through modern excellence in form and functionality 1MORE offers audio powerful and pure. The goal of this start-up is to create an all-Chinese excellence without the need to create links with other international companies. Among their products we talked about:

  • 1MORE iBFree
  • 1MORE earphones with USB Type-c


Thanks to Xiaomi’s funding, the Ninebot acquired Segway, a company that dealt precisely with the transport of electrical devices. The collaboration between Ninebot and Xiaomi is so close that the products appear directly on the Xiaomi home. Currently it is difficult to see them in Italy but we assure you that in China they are depopulating, a little because they are trendy and a little bit because people are lazy. We have for example:

  • Ninebot Kickscooter
  • Ninebot Lu Meng
  • Ninebot Kart
  • Ninebot Drift W1

Huami / Amazfit

Launched in the 2014, Huami is the largest wearable device company in the world with over 50 million units sold and the 17,1% of the global market shareThe Huami wristwear line is called Amazfit, including Pace, Arc, Beep, Moonbeam and Equator. obviously Huami is also the exclusive supplier of wearable devices for Xiaomi as well as a producer of the beloved Mi Band; in the 2016, 2017 and 2018 this company has won theiF Product Design Award, the most important international product design award, prize that also won i Mi Mix, Mi Mix 2, Mi 6.

  • Amazfit Verge
  • Amazfit Pace 2
  • Amazfit Band [with video]
  • Amazfit Bip [with video]
  • Xiaomi Mi Band 3 [with video]


Founded in 2017, Shenzhen Migu Intelligent Co., Ltd. has become a well-known provider of domestic beauty care industry in just two years. Committed to bringing technology skin care to everyone. Among the various products we find:

  • Inface Blackhead Remover
  • Inface Sonic Electric Facial Cleansing Brush
  • Inface Ultrasonic Ion Cleansing Instrument


Smartmi, established in2014, is focused on designing and manufacturing smart home appliances and sensors that take care of your health. Across all home appliance categories,our air purifier ranked #1 in sales. Its success turned Smartmi into a unicorn company. Completed Round B financing, totaling USD$1,000,000,000 in Oct. 2016. Xiaomi Air Purifier 2 won the Red Star award for design in Dec. 2016. We can find these product from Smartmi, like:

  • Xiaomi Air Purifier 2
  • Mijia Air Purifier Pro
  • Smartmi DC Pedestal Fan


70Mai, Founded in 2016 70mai is a Mi ecosystem company focus on smart car electronics. In 2018, more than 10,000,000 70mai dash cams were sold to 92 countries around the world. 70mai aims to show the highest level of vehicle intelligent products, providing safe, comfortable and networked driving experience to the world. Among the various products we find:

  • 70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro
  • 70 mai Dash Cam
  • 70 mai Dual USB charger


IMILAB (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is an IoT enterprise that focuses on the smart home. We use deep AI integration to provide a full range of products and services for home security and life. We are one of the Xiaomi’s earliest ecosystem companies and the first members of 100 million of Mi club. Among the various products we find:

  • IMILAB Wire-Free Home Security Camera
  • IMILAB Home Security Camera Basic
  • Mi Home Security Camera 360° 1080P
  • IMI Home Security Camera 1080P Global

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