Which is Better? Xiaomi Air 2 SE vs Airpods 2

The search for the perfect Airpods replica is a never-ending quest. Although it’s great that there are numerous options out there, it does make our job a little more difficult. The Xiaomi Airdots Pro 2 is a great alternative to Airpods with incredible audio quality and at an affordable price. Xiaomi Air 2 SE is an alternative option to Airdots Pro 2 at a budget price of under $30. How amazing is that! So, let’s move on to the comparison article of Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE vs Airpods 2.
Audio and Microphone Quality
With a reduction in the price, the question arises whether there is a difference in the sound quality between the Xiaomi Air 2 SE vs Airpods 2. Luckily, there isn’t any. If you’ve enjoyed the music experience with Airpods 2, there’s no doubt about the quality of the audio in Xiaomi Air 2 SE. However, there is a crucial difference between the Xiaomi Air 2 SE vs Airpods 2. The Xiaomi Air 2 SE does not support the HD codec LDHC. Airpods 2 supports AAC and SBC codec.
The audio quality is incredulous in both the models-Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE vs Airpods 2. It provides a clean bass, but it’s not for bass lovers. These earphones provide a spectacular experience for those who prefer music that does not contain heavy bass. Mids and vocals are refined and sound clean. The deep sounds are also great. Even when listening at a high volume, you won’t find any discrepancy between the highs and lows.

Although there’s environmental noise reduction (ENC), there’s no active noise cancellation, and the design of the Earbuds doesn’t allow noise isolation. They’re great if you’d like to be aware of your surroundings. There are dual microphones which help to cancel out noise while making calls. Thus, the call quality is good in both models-Xiaomi Air 2 SE vs Airpods 2.
Design: Which TWS looks better?
Xiaomi Air 2 SE has a stem design that we’ve all come to become familiar with the Airpods. If you’ve never been a fan of the silicone tips that most earphones have, then you’d love the one-size-fits-all design similar to the Airpods. However, these Earbuds sit more securely in your ear thanks to the change in design. They’re also very comfortable even when you have them on your ears for a long duration. Portability isn’t an issue at all with each Earbud of Xiaomi Air 2 weighing around 4.5 grams. The Xiaomi Air 2 SE Earbuds weigh around 4.7 g each.

There is a difference in the design of the case between the Xiaomi Air 2 SE vs Airpods 2. The Xiaomi Air 2 SE has a box-like designYou’ll find a Type-C port and an LED light to indicate the charging status in Xiaomi Air 2 SE.
Touch Gestures
Just like the Airpods, the Earbuds have touch controls in Xiaomi Air 2 SE. Double-tap the left Earbud twice to call the voice assistant, and the same function on the right Earbud puts music on play/pause. With the built-in sensor, the Earbuds can detect when you take an Earbud out which would put the music on pause and it’ll start playing again once you put it back in your ear. You can also use the voice assistant to control music playback and manage calls in Xiaomi Air 2 SE. With the app, you can customize the controls according to your preference. However, the app is officially in Chinese, which means you’d have to fumble a little before you get the required output.

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