Watching The GIANT Screen At Home: Mi Laser Projector Mini Global

Mi Laser Projector Mini Global can project a large screen up to 150 inches, this time, the home is a private theater.

80-150 inch projection screen, you can easily adjust the screen size according to the size of the wall at home. Watch a cool movie on the big screen, listen to a concert you love or play a game happily, and feel the immersive pleasure.
The ultra short throw lens design allows large screens to be projected at close range.
Adopt 0.233:1 ultra-short-focus lens design, which breaks the inconvenience caused by long-range projection. The body is 5 ~ 50 cm away from the wall. Without the trouble of wiring, it can be placed on the TV cabinet or placed on the wall, without occupying the indoor space, without the problem of screen blocking, and concentrate on enjoying every detail in the picture.
Cinema quality.

Mi Laser Projector Mini Global has a 3000:1 native contrast ratio comparable to the cinema level, with a red light ratio of up to 16% to 18%, making the colors rich and colorful.
More than 85% NTSC color gamut, wide color gamut distribution, true color reproduction.

Color is an important part of the entire projected picture. Incorrect colors and insufficient color gamut will affect the color quality of the picture and cannot restore the true colors of the movie. Using five-segment color wheel technology, the proportion of red light is up to 16-18%*, and the color gamut range of NTSC is up to more than 85%, which restores more realistic and rich picture colors.
3000:1 native contrast ratio, dark picture details can also be clearly seen.

It is often complained that many dark screens of movies in cinemas cannot be seen clearly and many important details are missed. Mi Laser Projector Mini Global has a native contrast ratio of 3000:1, which exceeds the 2000:1 standard of cinemas. The resolution reaches 1920*1080, supports HDR images, so that the details of the dark parts can also be clearly seen.
25000+ hours long light source life, let 10,000 movies accompany you every spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Guangfeng Optoelectronics’ AL PD 3.0 laser light source technology can effectively ensure that the life of the light source exceeds 25,000 hours and meets the needs of watching more than 10,000 movies (2 hours/calculation), so that good movies are always accompanied.

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