VIOMI BlenderQ Pre-sale: Multiple Functions with Automatic Heat Preservation

On July 30th, @VIOMI Internet Home Appliances official Weibo announced: The high-value cooking artifact-VIOMIblenderQ has now opened an appointment and will be rushed on July 31. The top 100 hands-on price is only 199 yuan, and the reservation The price is 299 yuan, and the daily price is 399 yuan. According to reports, VIOMIblenderQ supports Tmall Genie voice interconnection, one-key self-cleaning and other functions.

The capacity of VIOMIblenderQ is 1L, which can be used for multiple purposes in one machine. This cooking machine supports 24-hour smart appointments. Users make an appointment one day in advance and can eat after getting up the next day. At the same time, it also provides automatic heat preservation function, which can be kept at 55℃ for 4 hours. In terms of appearance, VIOMIblenderQ adopts a lightweight cup design, which is convenient for one-handed operation.

In actual use, the operation of VIOMIblenderQ is very simple, only 3 steps can make the desired dishes. The first step is to click “Start/Stop” to turn on, the second step to click “Select” to select the mode, and the third step to click “Start/Stop” to start the operation. Even the elderly and children can easily get started.

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