Update Your Air Conditioning! Xiaomi Releases a Smart AI Universal Remote Control

In fact, to let the air conditioning learn to control the temperature automatically, it only needs two Xiaomi’s intelligent hardware. One is the universal remote control version of Xiaoai, and the other is the 2nd generation of Mijia thermometer and hygrometer.

The Xiaoai classmate universal remote control version, as the name implies, is the Xiaoai classmate with its own universal remote control function.

It has built-in identification codes of more than 5,000 electrical appliances, and can control traditional air conditioners, fans, set-top boxes, TVs, etc. via infrared, WIFI, and Bluetooth.

With it, in addition to having all the functions of Xiao Ai speaker, you can also control the old air conditioner at home through voice commands. After you have these two devices, you can automatically control the temperature in the automatic settings in the “Mijia” app.

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