The World’s First Robot Restaurant Opens, Artificial Intelligence is Quietly Replacing You

In the future, can artificial intelligence really replace human positions? What can humans do after being replaced? If all artificial positions are replaced by artificial intelligence, how many people in society will face unemployment crisis. I believe that many people have such doubts in the face of artificial intelligence, which is developing more and more rapidly.
Our lives have become more convenient with artificial intelligence, but will artificial intelligence really replace all human positions?

Among the robots used in restaurants, 7 food robots such as noodle robots, breakfast robots and coffee robots made their debut. Among them, the noodle robot covers an area of ​​only 4 square meters. When the order is continuously placed at the peak of the passenger flow, the efficiency of the meal can reach 120 copies/hour; the coffee robot takes only 45 seconds to make a cup of coffee.

Not only in China, South Korea also spent the 200 million this year citing artificial intelligence to create South Korea’s first robot cafe.
A series of processes from coffee ordering to production and distribution in this cafe are completed by robots. The time to make a drink is generally within 2 minutes. When the beverage is made, the service robot will automatically deliver it. When there is no order, it will move to the charging position and turn on the power. In the current spread of the global epidemic, it has truly achieved “zero contact”.
Judging from this trend, there are far more jobs to be replaced in society, and taxi drivers may also be replaced in the future. Nowadays, driverless technology and 5G networks have become inevitable, and major automobile manufacturers in the world are also creating their own driverless cars. When the day when driverless cars are truly realized, the driver position may no longer be needed.

Now many industries have been gradually replaced by machines. For many aspects, the working efficiency of machines is much higher than that of labor, and the cost in the long run will be much more cost-effective. But this does not mean that in the future mankind will definitely face unemployment or even no source of living.
Kai-fu Lee said that artificial intelligence will bring a lot of opportunities and wealth to the world, and it will also bring many challenges. The most direct challenge is that artificial intelligence will replace human work and will trigger a large-scale unemployment. In the future, more than half of human jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence, but not all jobs will be replaced, for example, some caring and creative jobs will not be replaced, because artificial intelligence is no longer emotionally efficient .
In short, most of the positions that artificial intelligence can replace are jobs that are more repetitive and pay more labor. Human research technology and artificial intelligence are designed to better assist human work, not let it replace us.
Therefore, in the future, if we are not to be eliminated by society or to be replaced by artificial intelligence, the first thing we should do is to use human advantages to innovate and improve our own competitiveness. Because even without artificial intelligence, people who cannot keep up with social progress will be gradually eliminated by society.

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