The Flagship Version of Xiaomi’s New Product Is Snapped Up 100,000 People Want to Buy Xiaomi Executives: Did Not Expect

On May 13th, Xiaomi’s flagship new product officially began to snap up at 10 o’clock, and more than 100,000 people have made an appointment. At the same time, Tang Mu, general manager of Xiaomi’s intelligent hardware department, said: “The Xiaomi router Mesh will be launched as scheduled. One hundred thousand people did not expect to make an appointment. If they can’t buy it, they will apologize to everyone to ensure quality and expand production.

Earlier, when Tang Mu officially announced the Xiaomi router Mesh, he said that this router is priced at 999 yuan, and overseas friends and similar packages are priced from 2,000 yuan, so this time the price did not exceed 1,000 and was criticized by everyone. In this way, it can be seen how high the price-performance ratio of Xiaomi’s new products is, and it is not unreasonable for 100,000 people to make an appointment.

Xiaomi router Mesh set, a set of two non-numerators, multi-channel high-speed mixed transmission + 4 independent signal amplifiers, full-fledged WiFi coverage, Qualcomm 4-core CPU + 256MB large memory, such performance only 999, less than 1,000 yuan, set When I took it home, I was a little bit excited. Unfortunately, I found that the Xiaomi router Mesh Xiaomi Mall has shown that it is temporarily out of stock. The fans of Xiaomi want to buy can only wait!

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