The first true wireless earphones of OnePlus. OnePlus Buds released

OnePlus Buds released

A few days ago, at the 2020 ChinaJoy conference, OnePlus officially launched OnePlus Buds. This is OnePlus’s first true wireless headset that supports smart call noise reduction. It is now officially on sale, and you can enjoy 6 interest-free purchases.

In the configuration, the headset has a very good battery life. OnePlus Buds can provide more than 30 hours of battery life; the headset can be fully charged at a time and can be listened for up to 7 hours; using the charging box for additional replenishment, the longest can listen to music for 30 hours. OnePlus Buds also supports Warp flash charging, charging for 10 minutes, up to 10 hours of listening.

In addition, OnePlus Buds uses 3Mic noise reduction + intelligent voice algorithm, whether it is used for online lessons or conference calls, the other party can hear clearly even in noisy environments; built-in 13.4mm super dynamic coil unit, whether it is popular Music or vocals are more pleasing to the ear; support Dolby sound effects, and use it with a phone that supports Dolby Atmos, which can bring a more immersive experience.

Bring the OnePlus Buds headset to play games. After entering the Fnatic e-sports mode, the headset can automatically switch to low-latency mode, which can avoid the trouble caused by unsynchronized sound and picture.

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