Slim Body Design of Xiaomi 5 Pro 65 Inches

Xiaomi TV Series 5 continues the ultra-narrow frame and ultra-thin body design of the previous generation 4 series.Seen from the front, the screen actually has no hard border, only the black border at the edge of the screen. Compared with the previous Xiaomi TV 4, the screen border and BM area are effectively reduced, and the screen proportion is further increased. The width of the black border around the screen is less than 1cm, which is almost negligible visually relative to the overall TV size.From the details of this picture, we can see that the details of the frame of Xiaomi TV 5 Pro are very good, and the folded edge of metal contributes to the improvement of the overall product quality.

The biggest innovation of the Xiaomi TV 5 series, especially the Xiaomi TV 5 Pro, its 4K quantum dot HDR 10+ screen, 12nm processor, and 4+64GB memory setup, all of which are based on the high standards of international first-tier brands. Together with the image quality enhancement technology, MEMC motion compensation technology and 8K hard decoding, Xiaomi TV 5 will not lose to any other flagship TV on the market.Ease of use of the system and PatchWall system have always been Xiaomi’s strong points. With its own good hardware support, users will definitely get a fairly smooth experience.

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